November 15, 2018 2 min read

Once upon a time a family built their dream home and lived happily ever after...until they changed their mind and weren’t afraid to go after something better when the opportunity arose. It’s not a traditional fairy tale, but it’s dream come true any way you look at it.

cubitac kitchen cabinetry shaker style bronze hardware

After building a home with an open concept floor plan, these homeowners decided they could do better. Open concepts are all the rage, but they aren’t for everyone and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s nice to have a smaller, well designed space.When the opportunity presented itself to buy a home closer to the office and family, they decided they weren’t done.There was more opportunity and they could do better. So after painstakingly building their dream home, they moved again. This time to the heart of the city.

cubitac kitchen cabinetry oxford door style pastel finish bronze handle hardware

The original kitchen had an awkward design. The chimney for the fire place in the other room created an interesting space to work with. By moving the stove to the other side of the room we were able to open up the corner a bit and bring in a more open feel. It was not an obvious solution, but the resulting design is perfect. Enough counter space and room to move around in without feeling too big. This kitchen is smaller than the one in their previous home, but it fits just right. It feels cozy like home should, but still provides ample cooking space and room to move around.

cubitac kitchen gray bronze hardware

Good design can come at you in unexpected ways with challenges you hadn’t quite imagined. Sometimes, you get the opportunity you’ve always dreamed of. You can create the perfect space. And sometimes when it’s finished it’s nothing like you planned. Sometimes the home of your dreams will come after you build the home of your dreams.

kitchen corner window cubitac pastel finish oxford door style

The first home this family built was amazing. It was the perfect design. They had the big kitchen with the open concept floor plan. It was the home they always wanted, but still something was missing. Sometimes, when we go after our goals the process can change us and we realize we  longer want the things we’ve been dreaming of all along. When we reach the end, we find ourselves in a place we never imagined, and better than our wildest dreams. 

cubitac kitchen bronze handles gray cabinetry

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