Whether it's family & friends or a larger gathering, hosting is a huge part of the holidays. Drinks play a crucial role in this, alcoholic or non. Putting a drink in the hands of your guests, even a glass of water, makes people feel more welcome. Having a bar area to serve them makes it easier for you as a host.

Fortunately for us, we are in the age of Pinterest and hand crafted cocktails are coming up in big style.  From beer, wine, and manhattans to sparkling cider, ice tea, or water everybody wants something delicious to drink

built in wine rack medallion cabinetry love & chaos

People milling about in your food prep area while you’re trying to put something special on their plate only results in aggravation. A wet or dry bar around your home can help clear up that congestion. Something as simple as a base cabinet with some floating shelves can make your life much easier. 

While a separate wet bar and kegerators may be nothing more than a dream for some, (it is important to dream),  you don’t need a sink to have a drink station in your home. A cabinet, wine rack, and a few glasses can often do the trick. A mini fridge requires nothing more than a bit of space and an outlet and even coffee counters can be transformed to a functioning bar space. It’s amazing what a little extra cabinet space and countertop can do for your home and the party.

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