by Monica Banks May 09, 2018

Moving away from your family is a right of passage when you turn 18, but as an adult it can feel more like a loss. For many of us, we rely on our families for comfort and support. Our relationships are strengthened and defined by the day to day interactions and the yearly holidays are like extra bonus parties. When you no longer live a 5 minute drive from your core family members, things can change a bit. Having room in your new home to host your family can make all the difference.  Create space, and fill it with family.

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Coming from a large family outside of Milford, this family made the move to Cape Ann a couple of years ago. They fell in love with the area and it’s beauty. But it was hard to leave their extended family and neighborhood behind. Moving isn’t only about keeping your things and sleeping in a different house. It is as much about the community, as it is the actual house.

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The solution was to create a space big enough to bring everyone to town with them. Being able to host large family gatherings means maintaining the close relationships you hold near and dear to your heart.

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Before the renovations started the kitchen was one of the smallest rooms in the house. That wouldn’t do. The kitchen is the center of any home, it’s the beating heart of a house. For this home, that’s now true metaphorically and physically. Tearing down walls enabled them to provide more of an open concept for the floor plan. The open floor plan has grown in popularity because it connects people. It means you don’t have to hide in the kitchen while preparing your meals. It also means you can’t hide your mess in the kitchen while preparing your meals. Like anything else in this world, it comes with it’s ups and downs.

kitchen design medallion cabinetry shaker style wolf stove

Maintaining family relationships is important no matter where you live. Buying a home in an area that you love but away from your family means it’s crucial to have space for everyone to come to you. If you aren’t going to live near your family, create a space where you can host them all. Which can be more challenging the larger your family grows, but that’s a welcome challenge.


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Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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