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April 07, 2016 2 min read

There is a lot to be said about any house. Unless you are building a new home, it has a history. The ghosts of previous residence will linger in some way. Whether it be the paint color in the bedrooms or the tacky backsplash that you can’t quite figure out the “why” to. When you get into a new house, it’s important to make it fit your life and your style. To create the home you want it to be, even if the home in question isn’t for forever.

Moving is hard enough. When you finally get all your belongings into a new homestead it is quite easy to settle in and let that be enough. Just enough to get organized. And thats what happens. For most of our young lives. Moving into the next place and the next, always with the notion that this isn’t your forever home so why bother. Always waiting for the next place to be better. The grass is always greener, the people say.

A new home is like a new opportunity to start over. You certainly don’t have to start from scratch, but consider your options. Perhaps you could replace a window, making a more expansive view or just for insulation purposes. Always wanted a sun room or screened in porch? Here is your opportunity. Now is the time to make this home yours.

While most of us don’t have the budget to get a new house like the “DIY Homes” on HGTV, that doesn’t mean all is lost. Creating a breakfast or reading nook with built in shelves and a big window is a totally attainable goal. Adding cabinetry can help you stay organized and give your belongings a better sense of place. New moulding, quality furniture, changing the hardware, and hanging art on the walls can all make a big difference. These small changes can create and add to the feel of your home. Slowly changing the atmosphere and bringing more of yourself into the home.


Even if you don’t live in your forever home, it’s still your home. Treat it as such and make a space that you can really feel home in. If nothing else, you can consider it a practice home. Practice making your home just how you like it. Fine tune the atmosphere you want and get it just right. That way when your forever home comes around, you’ll be ready for it.

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