The New Cordless TSC 55 plunge cut saw by Festool

Our best plunge-cut saw is now independent.

  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for maximum cutting power
  • Flexible dual battery concept: can be operated with two 18-volt battery packs (36V) for maximum power or one 18-volt battery pack for low weight
  • High-speed EC-TEC motor for perfect cutting quality and rapid working progress
  • Chip collection bag for clean, healthy working
  • New FastFix generation for even quicker and easier saw blade changes and adaptation to the working material
    Main applications
    • Precise circular in materials up to 55 mm thick
    • Cutting interior doors to length using guide rail and circular saw
    • Cutting recesses in doors and kitchen worktops
    • Manufacturing expansion joints in parquet flooring and false joints
    • Cutting chipboard to size

    Upgrade to track saw quality and precision.

    There are a lot of people who still believe you can only get straight, splinter-free cuts in a shop using expensive panel saws, table saws, and CNC equipment. Getting quality cuts with portable power tools doesn't have to be difficult or expensive with a Festool track saw. The truth is…that with the right power tools, anyone can get great results in the shop or on the jobsite. Straight, splinter-free cuts are easy, once you know the secret.

    Whether making perpendicular or beveled cuts, the superior design of Festool track saws allows you to use the same cut line, ensuring perfectly straight, splinter-free cuts. Festool's MMC electronics mean that your cuts will be burn-free and glue-ready, even in thicker or stacked material.

    Quick. Powerful. Durable.
    Uncompromising power is only achieved in combination with powerful lithium-ion batteries and the Festool EC-TEC motor. The dual batter concept offers a host of combination options for even greater flexibility - maximum power or minimum weight

    Dust-free work.
    Chip collection bag for dust-free working without a mobile dust extractor. 

    Saw blade changing is now quicker and easier:
    the new FastFix generation.

    Greater comfort and safety:
    the spring-loaded guide wedge runs in front of the saw blade to prevent it from seizing and makes it easier to position the blade in existing grooves.

    Precision cuts and less rework:
    the TSC 55 can be fitted with a splinterguard for splinter-free cuts on both sides or a viewing window for a perfect view of the scribe mar, depending on the application.

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