September 24, 2020 2 min read

There are a lot of options for handy items in your home these days. The internet can provide you with endless gadgets, some useful, and some that will just clutter up your storage cabinets. While we encourage all your Marie Kondo organizing, some things are worth holding on to or even adding to your home. We’ve put together a shortlist of hardware pieces to help stay organized. The world is a challenging place, these 4 hardware pieces can make things a little bit smoother. After all, every little bit helps. 

soft close appliance lift hardware resources

1. Soft-close Mixer/Appliance Lift

Mixers are big bulky items, sometimes big enough that you might not feel like taking it out just to mix up one thing. Putting it on a lift makes taking out and putting it away easy. Think of how much more you would use your mixer. The possibilities are endless. 

smart rail storage solutions

2. Smart Rail Storage Solutions 

We are always on the lookout for more counter space, and even if you have plenty of space, the ability to clear the counters always feels a little bit like magic. Hang this smart rail up to elevate cluttered countertops and create space to work.

pull out pan organizer hardware solutions

3. Pull Out Pan Organizer

Who hasn’t gotten frustrated by the pile of pans in our cabinets? It’s always felt like there wasn’t another option, but now there is. These pullout pan organizers allow you to organize your cookware and avoid the big stacks. 

deltana modern magnetic door catch

4. Magnetic Door Stops

Everyone needs a good doorstop. These doors stops take the extra step of holding the door open for you once you get it there. There are few things more frustrating than trying to carry a load through a doorway and having the door close on you. 

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