August 13, 2015 1 min read

"SCREENEZE" - Durability by Design

ScreenEze is a patented fixed screen system, featuring an aluminum base and a vinyl cap which are snapped together and attached to your porch or gazebo. Screeneze can be installed on the inside, outside, or center of your porch post and rail design. Screen-Eze is available in White, Sand and Bronze and is shipped in handy 8 foot lengths.

* System stretches screen for you
* Eliminate extra posts
* Screws included
* Can easily convert to a three season room
* Installs using a variety of screen fabrics
* Automatically holds and uniformly stretches the screen material
* ScreenEze is secured with screws and can be butted together end-to-end to span extra large openings

The innovative screeneze design is stronger and more durable than current screen systems. The system maintains the screen's integrity.

Many of our contractors have replaced their traditional methods of screening with SCREEN EZE, and "do-it-yourselfers" are discovering this easy way to get a professional screening job for their porch, patio, gazebo and other projects at home.

NOTE: Heavy duty, 18/14 mesh fiberglass screening or Phifer "TuffScreen" is recommended (but not required) for this product. See our Screening section for product comparisons.

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