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Treating the outside of your home with the same care as the inside may sound excessive. Usually, our priorities are to utilize and maintain the inside of our homes to the best of our ability, and the exterior is secondary. Which all makes sense, until it’s summertime and you find yourself wishing that you spent more time and energy fixing up that patio before it was time to sit there. Maybe it’s setting up your container garden, creating an outdoor dining area, or perfecting your grill space. Whatever your outdoor space is for you, it’s worth the effort.

outdoor patio space dining

1. Survey

The first step in getting your outdoor space set up is evaluating the space you have. Whether it’s a huge yard or a tiny side patch, you want to make sure you can make the most of it. Be intentional about what space you create and how you want to use it. 


2. Level

After you've visualized your space, create level surface for sitting or grilling on. This can mean building a deck, laying stone, or leveling the grade. Remember that the space doesn't have to be large. If you are planning on building a deck consider using cables rails, like Feeney, to keep your space more open. If you do have a nice flat space, consider installing a scenic door to create a seamless transition from inside your home to out. 

Marvin Scenic Door patio

3. Furniture

Be mindful of how you want to use the space, especially if you don’t have much. Buy furniture that fits the space and purpose, not just because you like the way it looks. You can use your furniture to create a focal point or to separate areas.

4.Be Realistic

If you only have 10 square feet of space, chances are you're not going to be able to fit everything in. Prioritize the list of things you want. Focus on your non negotiables and create the best possible space from there. A small well curated space is better than a large one with no real directed. That goes for both inside and outside your home. 

outdoor spaces backyard deck patio

5. Lighting

Consider the lighting, it’s important outside and in. Get some lights that will create ambiance instead of relying on street lamps and the light through the kitchen window. A string of garden lights with LED bulbs will go a long way for creating the atmosphere you are looking for.

Marvin Windows Cable Rail


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