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We often don’t think of home efficiency until winter, but it’s essential for keeping us cool in the summer too. Protecting your home from the summer heat will keep everyone in your house happy, and save on your utility bills too. There are a lot of options out there to help, both high-tech and more traditional. Staying cool can be even easier if you have a smart home to help regulate temperatures, or automate the opening and closing of your window coverings.  However you choose to beat the heat, you’ll be grateful for keeping both your utility bill and the temperature down. 

home energy efficiency

1.  Make sure your home is properly insulated. Most people only think of this in the winter when trying to keep warm. However, well-insulated homes are easier to keep cool in the hot months as well. Sealing the cracks around your windows and doors can keep the cold air inside and the warm air out. Don’t forget about the attic. The sun beating down on your roof can heat your home quickly. Make sure it’s well insulated. Your AC won’t need to work nearly as hard, and you’ll be able to stay cool without sending your budget into a state of shock.

2.  Window coverings to hide you from the sun. Much like a bit of shade on a hot day, keeping the sun out of your home will prevent it from heating up. Use a combination of shades and curtains to keep the heat away. Be sure to open things back up when night falls and let the fresh air into your home. Make sure your screens are intact to keep your home a bug free zone. Screens like the Wizard SmartScreen even come with built-in UV protection and work great for large openings. 

keeping cool energy efficiency

3.  Grill whenever you can. If you were looking for an excellent excuse to use that grill, this is it! Stoves are hot, and not just to the touch. Your stove will heat the kitchen and your home. Not using it will help keep the temperature down inside while you cook outside. And who doesn’t love a good excuse to grill?

4.  Energy-efficient bulbs not only save money on your utility bills, but they don’t heat up as much either. They help keep your home comfortable throughout the day. Every little bit helps.

5.  Fans are your friend, don’t just rely on your AC. Use fans throughout your home to help keep the air moving. While they may not cool the air, they will keep it circulating, and you'll feel more comfortable. They can help bring cooler air up, and move hotter air out. Ceiling fans today often go in both directions, to help heat and cool your home. 

    ceiling fans keeping your home cool

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