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For years, Danish culture has excelled at creating comfort at home through the long and dark winter months. In 2016 Denmark was rated as the happiest country in the world. When you consider how long their winters really are, this becomes an even more remarkable feat. How did they do it? With hygge. There is no direct translation of hygge in English, but it’s been defined as a quality of coziness and comfort to help cultivate one’s well-being.   As we hunker down for winter, it might be time to take some lessons from the Danes. 

This year we’ve been spending more time in our homes, creating home offices, workspaces and finding ways to make the most of our space. There are a lot of aspects of this year we have no control over, we do however have control over our homes. We have the ability to change them and make them better. We have the power to create the space we need to build a comfortable home to relax and unwind in. 

hygge home windows
    1. Lighting
      For proper hygge, you need to set the tone. Be sure that you have the right lighting. Turn off the bright overhead lights and light a candle or three. Think about the lighting that you have in your space. Get some new lamps if you need them or change an overly bright light bulb. Proper lighting can take you a long way.

    1. Hot Beverages
      Hot beverages can be super comforting. Make yourself a pot of hot water and keep the tea, coffee or hot chocolate coming.

    1. Create a Playlist
      There is almost nothing worse than the wrong song coming on the radio and messing with the tone. Make sure that you have a Hygge playlist that will do nothing but create good memories and warmth.

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    1. Bring the Outdoors In
      A walk in the woods is one of the best ways to clear your head. And while mid-winter may not be the best time for that, you can bring some outdoor elements into your home to create a little more peace inside your home. Adding windows or replacing them can help let more natural light into your home. Plants are also a great way to do this, or maybe just add some wood highlights to your space. 

    1. Unplug from Your Technology
      Technology has allowed us to do so many things. It’s incredible and it allows us to stay in contact with the people we love. However, sometimes it’s a little overstimulating. Take some time to step away from the smartphone. This doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself. Hygge is all for being with the people you love. So call your friend, or invite them over for a cup of tea and hygge. Just don’t get caught up in endless Instagram scrolling. You can save that for another time.

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    1. More Pillows + Blankets
      We don’t always get to spend time getting cozy. When we do we should be making the most of it. Grab that extra blanket and pillow. Hygge means creating an excessive amount of comfort. 

    1. Grab a Book
      Curling up with a good book is a great way to unwind. This is meant to be light reading. Whatever helps create peace for you. 
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