January 21, 2016 1 min read

You only get one first impression. While some may say that cliche’s are for the birds, it is hard escaping their truths.

First impressions are just about first dates and job interviews. The same is true for our homes. These are the places we live. This is the opportunity to showcase our lives. What do you want to say with your home?


Our homes speak in different ways. From the ways they are decorated, to how the are cared for and what architectural details are highlighted.

The first first impression happens upon arrival, we see the outside of the home. The color of the house, style of window and how many panels on your front door. None of these details says anything in particular on their own, but they come together for the first mental photograph a stranger will take of your home.


The next is the entryway. What does your home say once you have walked in the front door? Does it invite a guest to sit down and take their boots off? Perhaps it funnels them straight into the kitchen where, preferably warm baked goods await. Perhaps once arriving, your guests are directed to a sitting area where many a great conversations are had.

Dress to impress, this goes for your house as well as you.



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