As different as each home come be, in every one people will gravitate to the kitchen. Maybe the door is there. Perhaps it’s just convenient because that’s where the food is. The kitchen is magnetic. It holds an undeniable pull that no one can ignore. I prefer to think it’s because the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

It would seem that life flows to the rest of the house through the kitchen. Just as a heart pumps blood throughout the body, the home breathes life into every room. As the center of everything, a kitchen can be ready for any occasion. The contemporary styling in this home creates a peaceful flow. It invokes a welcoming air around the big island, ready to feed the kids or entertain friends.

The white cabinetry against a tile gray backsplash and dark walls create a color gradient and canvas-like space for the homeowners to decorate. Glass doors on the wall cabinets allow colorful dishes to be put on display. Plant life and other colorful appliances contribute to the vibrant feel of this kitchen.

Making good use of any space is important. This kitchen utilizes open shelving in the base and wall cabinets. This provides storage as well as decoration in combination with painted dish ware. Open shelving may not be the best solution everywhere, but it is certainly perfectly at home in this kitchen.

When night falls the kitchen transforms. The Edison pendants add a hint of a calming industrial feel. Perhaps tonight's guests will solve the energy crisis or maybe just help pack lunch for tomorrow. Whatever the task ahead, this place is ready. Just like the heart, a kitchen will adapt.


granite island

Kitchen Designed by Joan Davis

Medallion Cabinetry supplied by Grand Banks

Potters Mill, Shaker Style doors with a White Icing painted finish & Crown Moulding

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