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The quintessential New England home is something that we have all dreamed up. However, moving into an 18th century home certainly comes with its challenges. Through three centuries of life, things have changed quite a bit. The small kitchen harkened back to days where the kitchen was used by servants or merely as a means to an end. Today, the kitchen is the place to be, it’s the heart of the home. And this one needed some new life, and a bit more

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry

Old kitchens are small. They were not originally designed to be the gathering places that they have come to be  today. So this kitchen was originally divided into three separate sections. There was the sink with the stove, then a pantry area for storage where the fridge was located in a separate section, and the dining room. 

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Island

Our biggest challenge was using the space to create a large enough room for everyone in the family and find ways to let in more light. Our designer came up with a few different options for this. We thought about keeping the dining room separate and a bit of the original layout. However, we were able to create more space for everything by combining the three rooms. Without the walls, the space feels brighter, without adding any new openings.

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry

This home has passed through many families and many lives. It has grown over the years, but the older style of many small spaces remained. Often older homes are added too, and it’s very clear where the old space ends and new space begins. We were able to combine the old and new with this renovation, creating a home that both preserves history and welcomes the future.

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry Inset Cabinets

Shiloh Semi-Custom Cabinetry - Beaded Inset

Door Style: Square Flat Panel, Finish: Painted Soft White with Cafe Highlight, Species: Maple

All Plywood Box Construction, Blum Soft-Close Doors and Drawers, ⅝ “ Dovetail Drawer Box

Work done by Any Season Builders

Shiloh Semi Custom Cabinetry

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