December 30, 2020 3 min read

This year has been a challenge for us all. We’ve all read and written that sentence many times, in many ways, throughout this whole experience. We are looking forward to closing the door on 2020 and reaching towards a brighter future in 2021.

We are in one of the fortunate industries. A lot of people are working on their homes now that we are all spending so much time in them. Home improvement is thriving. While we wish it was under different circumstances, we are excited to be helping so many people invest in their homes. 

We've been able to continue with our own renovations at Crafts Road. Outside, we’ve installed our handicap accessible ramp and new granite steps. We are so excited about how it’s all turned out. Bayview Builders & Cutting Edge have done such an incredible job!

Out back, we’ve been cleaning up the yard. Clearing space for employees to enjoy time outside and to show off our beautiful river view. Our rocky, uneven landscape has always been a challenge to work with. Beautiful in its own way, it presents a difficult space to work with. As a few of our team members have discovered a new passion for disc golf, we found that would be a great way to use our space. With a few baskets installed, we are working on our aim.

Inside, we’ve been hard at work on our Team Offices. We’ve (at long last!) ripped up the carpet and put down wood floors. It makes such an incredible difference. We've also finally gotten to work on our 3rd floor. We moved our break room up there, installed some cabinetry, and put down wood floors. This space will be used as a communal workspace and a place for collaborations. Eventually, our goal is to also use this as classroom space. We are looking forward to when we can get back to offering educational opportunities for everyone. 

Team Office

Where the kitchen used to be is now where our Cabinetry Team resides. We tore down a wall and combined the old break room with a storage room. Creating a separate space for them has allowed our Doors & Windows Team to expand, and to keep the conversations streamlined. We still have a lot of finish work to do, but we are really excited.

Kitchen Department Office

Over the years, our building and our company has transformed. From our little office on Grove Street with a small warehouse in 1988, to our building on Crafts Road. We now have a full warehouse on-site, with 2 remote locations.  The past 30 years have held a lot of ups and downs. Our vision remains the same, helping homeowners and professionals alike bring their buildings to life. 

And our journey continues. We are excited to announce that we are adding a second location! We’ll be opening in Waltham this spring! This showroom will be a smaller version of what we have at Crafts Road. It will serve as a hub for our sales team located in the MetroWest area and help us connect to homeowners in the area. There is still a lot of work to be done, and the pandemic has thrown more than a couple of wrenches into our plans. We are making our way through it all. Be on the lookout for more information and updates as we go!

We are looking forward to 2021. To putting the challenges of 2020 behind us and expanding into the new year. We are grateful to have you with us throughout all the changes we made, and we’re excited to share the future with you. 


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