March 05, 2020 1 min read

When it comes time to buy a new home, you have to know what you want. For these homeowners, they knew they wanted to stay in the same neighborhood, on the same road if possible. And equally important, they knew what they didn’t want. 

plain & fancy walnut island custom cabinetry white shaker wall cabinetry

The new home wasn’t exactly what they had envisioned. It was in great condition, but it was very modern. While they have a contemporary style, this was too industrial, too streamlined. The kitchen didn’t flow, and slate floors were everywhere. 

white shaker wall medallion wall cabinetry plain and fancy custom walnut kitchen island

But the bones made sense. The house was the right size. In the right neighborhood. And you can’t go wrong with that view. 

kitchen sink custom island ocean view

So they bought the home and got to work. It was a daunting task. But they knew what they wanted and they weren’t afraid to work for it. Knowing what you want is what makes everything possible. 

custom floating shelves walnut plain and fancy cabinetry

Their new kitchen is still large and open, but in a bit more traditional style. The custom walnut island keeps their contemporary flair intact. The pendant lights add a nice modern touch. You can see their roots in shaker style wall cabinetry. Your home is an extension of you. Of your family. Of your likes and dislikes. 

plain and fancy custom kitchen island walnut cabinetry kitchen sink

We become a collection of choices. We find what works and what doesn’t. The things we like, and the things we don’t. When it’s time to start over, we can start with what we know. We know when we’re willing to settle, and when something has to change.  There’s a lot of power in knowing what you want. 

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