We love to think that we are in control of our lives. That we make our own decisions and create our own fate. Our country was founded on this notion of free will and choosing your own fate. But what happens when fate chooses you? When the perfect opportunity you weren’t looking for comes around? How do you say no? The answer: You don’t.

medallion cabinetry farmhouse style white icing lancaster shaker style

That’s what happened to these unsuspecting homeowners. Location, style, size, it was all perfect. They were window shopping. Making plans for the future and thinking about what they could afford and where, in the way we all do.  Creating a veritable Pinterest board of the mind. And then the unthinkable happened: They were ambushed by the perfect home They had no choice but to buy. It wasn’t up to them. The fates demanded it. And it couldn’t have been any other way.

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This home was built in the 1850s and originally served as a carriage house to the neighboring home. You can still see the remnants of its original purpose. As seen in the cement livestock ramp out back, and the high windows in the office are the last remnants of the stalls that used to be. This house carries the character of time.

medallion cabinetry white icing lancaster door style farmhouse kitchen sink

Like many older New England homes, the lower ceilings don’t provide for as much light as you might like. You take advantage of whatever you can get. This kitchen relies on the light from the windows by the sink to light up this kitchen with warmth.

medallion cabinetry white icing lancaster door style round kitchen table farmhouse

As any parent knows, life with 2 kids can be chaotic. The more children you add the more the chaos expands exponentially. But it’s a loving chaos. Instead of an island this home has a small round table in the middle of the kitchen. This creates a place for the chaos to settle for a meal or a cup of coffee. The table provides enough seating for the whole family, and the lower height makes it kid friendly. There is also something to be said for a circular table. It’s nice to be able to see everyone's face while you sit together, especially if these moments are not as common as you’d like them to be.   

medallion cabinetry white icing lancaster door style, shaker, farmhouse kitchen tall pantry cabinet

We spend a large majority of our lives making plans, but life rarely goes according to plan. Creating our own spaces and homes is a dream we all have. We drive around and imagine what our lives might look like from that victorian home or the modern farmhouse you like down the block. Sometimes you go looking for opportunity, other times, opportunity chooses you.

medallion cabinetry white icing lancaster door style farmhouse kitchen shaker style, round table

Medallion Cabinetry

White Icing Finish, Lancaster Door Style

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