As a contractor, Chris Fogarty has seen and built all kinds of homes. So when it came time to renovate his own kitchen, he had a pretty good idea of what the options were. However even after choosing the layout, the design, and the cherry cabinets they still weren't sure which finish was the right one. He and his wife had gone over and over all their choices, taken every sample Grand Banks had to offer home to try it out and see how it felt. Nothing seemed to fit, nothing seemed right. 

With a little bit of patience, they finally found it: peppercorn. It was a new finish that Medallion Cabinetry had released and when they saw it they knew it was the finish they were waiting for.  There are so many choices to make when designing a kitchen, it's important to take your time with each one. You may be tired of choosing and done with deciding, but take a deep breath. Take a step back. Find what you really want for your home and your life. You'll be happier for it.

A cape home nestled in the woods, it was the perfect touch to bring their kitchen together. As the proverb goes, a carpenter's home is never finished, but at least their kitchen is complete, for now anyway.

The open shelving is a great touch to make everything accessible and welcoming to their guests. 

kitchen aid open shelves range top stove

kitchen vanity stand alone cabinetry

Upstairs, the bathroom is home to the cherry vanity. Spreading the sense of welcome throughout their home.

Medallion Cabinetry, Platinum Line

Cherry Wood, Peppercorn finish

Work done by Chris Fogarty, CF Carpentry

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