Doors Archive

Doors are an integral piece to any building. Whether you are looking for interior, exterior, pocket or barn, we have the right door for you. Lead times for doors can be anywhere from 24 hours to 6 weeks. 

A few things we need to know before we order your door: 

Door Material
There are a variety of options for your door material. Wood and fiberglass are two of the most common. Note that if you choose a wood door, it must be protected with an eave for the warranty. 
Door Handing
Before ordering your door, it's important to know which way it swings and which side you want the door knob on. This is referred to as the Swing and Handing of your door. Determine the Swing and Handing of your door here.
Door Prep
Each door is different. Some have dead bolts, some have knobs, others have levers and pulls. Often times you can order your door prepped for your specific needs.  Determine your door prep here