Old Cabinetry


New cabinets are a crucial component of any kitchen & home design. The right cabinets can help set the tone and provide the space you need. With a full selection, we have cabinets of all styles. Our Custom Cabinets are top of the line. They are hand built, unique, and can fit perfectly in any space. These are design intensive and as a result lie on the higher end of your budget and require a lead time of 8-10 weeks. Semi Custom Cabinets offer you a quality product with the built-in feel but cut the lead time down to 4-6 weeks and require less of your budget. For a convenient, quick (1-3 weeks) and affordable kitchen please look into our selection of Stock Cabinets.


12 x 10 Kitchen Layout w/Island

Above is a kitchen designed and priced with entry level cabinets. Please keep in mind that these prices are for standard cabinets only.  With modifications, individual cabinets can quickly double in price and more. 
Pricing Includes:
  • 5 Base Cabinets (Standard top drawer and door)
  • 1 Sink Base
  • 1 Corner Base Cabinet w/Lazy Suzan
  • 6 Wall Cabinets
  • 1 Corner Wall Cabinet
  • 9 Finished Ends 


Individual Standard Cabinets



STANDARD BASE 18" X 34-1/2" X 24" 


STANDARD WALL 18" X 30" X 12"





STANDARD TALL 18" X 84" X 24"