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It’s an issue we fight with all our lives. In some ways, it’s like money: We never have enough but we always find a way to live within our means.


As tiny home and minimalist trends sweeps the nation (and world), most people have at least once thought "I wonder if I could do that...."

While this life may not be for everybody, tiny houses and minimalism do have something to teach everyone about storage and junk. Being organized becomes more important the smaller your space gets. In these tiny homes, getting innovative is crucial. When space comes at a premium, it’s makes you think twice about keeping around the tupperware that doesn’t have a lid but “can still be used” or that shirt that you are saving for “someday.” However, you don't have to live in a tiny home to learn their secrets and get creative with your own storage solutions.


1.  Working with what you have

Chances are you aren’t you going to pull a full re-design of your living space, but that's ok because there are much smaller steps to take first. Take a look around your place and find the spaces that are most underutilized. Your first step in Storage Solutions 101 is to find a way to repurpose these spaces so that you can get the most out of them.

But How?

As the Harry Potter Generation will tell you, under the stairs is a totally usable space. You don't have to live there, what to do with it is up to you. Perhaps it's a great space for that library or reading nook you've always dreamed of.


Img porch
Or maybe a kitchen
kitchen under the stairs
Img porch
2. Invest in Cabinetry

I’m not talking about that plastic drawer base you picked up from Target and “works just fine.” Proper shelving, drawers and cabinetry last longer and give your home a warmer feel. Built in cabinets can provide storage solutions and add to the atmosphere of a home. For your kitchen, cabinetry can offer built in accessories to maximize space. The pull out trays for the blind corner cabinet below easily double the cabinets usable space.


blind corner cabinetry


3. Shelves are your friends. Seriously.

Most of the vertical space in your home goes unused. Use a bookshelf to add decoration and storage space. Look in high places and don’t be afraid to mount a shelf close to the ceiling. If you are apartment living and not wanting to install shelving think of stand alone book shelves. One behind your couch could work wonders for clearing off the clutter from your coffee table.



Shelves can do wonders to create spaces you hadn't thought possible. Think about your bathroom, a few shelves above the toilet can bring storage and style to the room.


shelves above toilet

Img jayadores

4. Lofting your bed

It’s not just for college dorm rooms. Risers and other under the bed storage have become vital space savers, especially with the tiny home trend going around. It is the grown up way to hide your things under the bed: in organized bins. You can purchase open drawers on wheels to make this storage easily accessible so that you can utilize for everyday items, as opposed to just the ones you look at once a year. Better yet, upgrade your bed frame and buy one with built in storage underneath.




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