June 15, 2017 2 min read

There is a home in Rockport, MA that’s a real life dollhouse. It bears the traditional old New England low ceilings and it’s everything you could want out of a home. The smells of fresh baked good flow through the air, with stories about grandchildren written on the walls.

At first glance, this home looks like it’s been a lifelong project, and it has in a way. But these homeowners have only been here a few years. After their children had grown it was time to downsize, but not too much. One must keep room for the grandchildren.

For these homeowners, coming from a larger home, it was important to have an open space where it’s needed most, the kitchen. In this home the kitchen flows into the dining room.The wide open spaces allow for entertaining family and friends without missing a beat.Downsizing is always a challenge, but done right, it can be the best move.


Glass doors on the wall cabinets means there is no hiding your goods. However, this home also comes with a catch all pantry. A place to set up the mixer and leave it. A place where it’s ok if you spill a bit of flour. The pantry is a safe space.

Around the home you will see trinkets and evidence of life. Signs of life that minimalism doesn’t allow for. These are pieces of our lives that we carry through the years because they remind us of a person, of a place, or of a time not forgotten. These are the pieces that make a house a home.


Maple Stained Medallion Cabinetry


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