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Often times when we think of remodeling our homes, obstacles like budgets, time, permits and a long list of other things get in the way. While it may be tempting, and totally reasonable, to give up at that, it’s important to remember there are things you can change. Without breaking the bank or ripping your home apart, a home can still feel brand new again. Look around your home and look at the little things you can change. Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make the big difference.


1.  Moulding

Millwork in your home can make a huge difference. You don’t need to go full crown (however I am not going to stop you), but adding moulding can make all the difference in your space. Not just on the ceiling either. Consider adding a chair rail, wainscotting or paneling?  If you are looking to add some contrast or color pop, think about painting your millwork


 mpression paneling wainscot walls moulding

Img m[pression

door trim decorative moulding


2.  Tiles

This is a great way to add style and a splash of color in your home. You can change the backsplash in your kitchen, bring new life to your bathroom or just add a bit more flair to the breakfast nook. Whatever it is you decide to do, tiling can help freshen up your home. Already have some tile and not looking to change them all? Have you ever consideredtile tatoos?


tile tatoo mibo thekitchn

Img thekitchn 


3.  Hardware

Changing your hardware may sound daunting, but it can be quite refreshing, particularly if it isn’t something you put a lot of effort into int the first place. Hardware can often be an afterthought for projects. The budget runs low or you may have just been tired of making the endless choices renovations come along with. The good news: it’s easy to change.


rocky mountain hardware

Img Rock Mountain Hardware 


4.  Create an accent wall

There are a variety of ways to do this. The simplest of which is painting a wall. The word paint may sound daunting, but remember that we are only talking about one wall here. A single gallon will do the trick, maybe even less. Creating an accent wall adds contrast and can brighten up your home. It can help divide a larger area of your home and create separate spaces, or it can tie two spaces together. Paint isn’t your only option. You can add some tile (see above),  shiplap/wood,  create a gallery or any number of things. You get to decide what and where the accent is going to be.


design sponge painted accent wall

Img Design Sponge 

wood accent wall

Img SFGate

Img Pam Lostracco

5. Wall Art

This may be the simplest change of all, changing the art on your walls. If they are memorable photos you don’t want to change, consider new frames that add color and contrast to a space. Perhaps you have always wanted to find a way to showcase some picture or create your own gallery space. There is no time like the present. These pieces don’t have to be fancy, art is art is art. If it speaks to you, has meaning to you, or even if it is the right color scheme it can breathe fresh life into your home.

wall art decorenvy

Img decorenvy

wall art


6. Layout

Perhaps you are done with buying things. You have read all about tidying up from Marie Kondo and you are simply not inviting any more things into your life at this time. That still leaves you with the option of changing the layout and reusing what you already have in new ways. Rearranging the living room can make it feel new again, and you can do that with every room in your house.

galley kitchen layout

kitchen to great room


7.  Windows, Screens, Doors

While this may not be exactly what you were thinking, it can make a big difference. And it doesn’t always have to be a huge project. You can replace windows with inserts that will change the interior finish and help your home become more energy efficient if your old windows don’t have any insulation properties. If you have a solid back door, consider going to a full light door. Glass on your door can help bring in more light to a space you didn’t know needed it.



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