July 27, 2017 2 min read

There once was a home in Brookline, MA. Built in 1900 with a total of 2450 square feet. A Dutch colonial home with aluminum siding. It was a home like many others. Over the years, the home had fallen into disrepair. There was little, if any, of it’s historic charm left. It was in dire need of an upgrade, but the bones were good. This home clearly still had more to offer.

old dutch colonial


When Chadi Kawkabani and Charbel Rizk of Lintel LLC acquired the property last year, they saw the potential. Often when renovating a home you are faced with the challenge of preserving the history and creating something new. It can be a fine line to walk, deciding which parts to keep and which to tear down, and the stakes are high. Once you tear down a wall, it’s gone. There is no undo button. However just because something is old is not enough reason to keep it the same.


Ultimately this home in more new than old, but the heart of the building remains the same. By staying true to the core of the home and building with carefully chosen materials of character, they were able to give this home a new life.

They sourced materials both locally and around the world. The result is an eco friendly home bursting with character, but not overwhelming. The sleek modern kitchen cabinetry combines with the warm walnut floors to create a comfortable atmosphere anyone can feel at home in.  This home now boasts 4738 sq ft, two garden ready rooftops and solar panels.

Remaking the old can often be more challenging than building new. But it can also be more rewarding. Being able to carry the history of a home to the present and giving it life to continue into the future can be a beautiful thing.

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