There are many ways a home grows with us. Some of those changes are slight and subtle. They happen over time, so slowly that you may not even notice. Others are drastic. They take shape in the form of new furnishings, different paint colors and demolishing walls. Whether you are making changes slowly by slowly, or all at once, remember that it's your home. It's your job to create the space as you like it. 

kitchen white cabinetry soapstone contrast

There is a time and place for each sort of change. Some changes come naturally, others come from a drastic choice. It can sometimes be hard to decide what it is you actually want. This is true for our clothes, our meals and even our homes...basically everything.

black island butcher block kitchen cabinetry contrast

This home was originally owned by Grandma, and so much had changed throughout her lifetime it was hard to keep up, and the design of her home was ultimately left as irrelevant. Much of the layout was centered around the phone, which held a place with a chair to sit while you spoke and a table to write on. The widespread dissemination of the cell phone changed many things about society, but it was not enough to change Grandma’s home.

range top stove kitchen cabinetry

The kitchen layout was originally small and cramped to accommodate such a phone station. It took a total re imagining of the space to open things up. Walls worn torn down, everything was changed.

butcher block island contrast kitchen white island

The tile back splash was put in place to help tie together the contrast of the white cabinetry and soapstone counters. As a personal touch, the homeowners added a shelf above the stove. It's a place to keep dishes warm, stash pots and pans while the rest of the meal comes together. A personal touch the homeowners knew they wanted. 

kitchen sink window medallion cabinetry

Often when we have the chance to change things, we simply re-organize and settle once again into our own contentment. And there is nothing wrong with our contentment. But every once in awhile we have the time and courage to seek greatness. A moment of clarity that parts the clouds and we are able to divine exactly what it is we want and what to change.

fridge island contrast kitchen

It can be a great struggle, to challenge the history of our lives and the things we know so well. Becoming comfortable is such a fine line. However to step back and challenge the ways of your life can sometimes produce great results, if you know what you want and you are ready to embark upon the task. The things we want are so often elusive. so many options to be content with, that it becomes a greater challenge to pick out the ones that we really want. The choices that make us happy become harder to pick out among such a vast variety.

range top stove kitchen utensils tile backsplash

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