December 29, 2016 2 min read

This year I had the pleasure of visiting some of our completed projects and spending time with our clients in their new spaces for photo shoots. So often we work with our clients and don’t get to see the end result. Perhaps what is most amazing to me is how different each kitchen can be. Even though all the parts and pieces can be the same or similar, each family brings their own story and every building has it’s own history. While I’ve enjoyed each of these visits, and sharing the stories of these homes, here are a few of my favorites.


gott kitchen new england historic

1. The Search for Home

I loved everything about this house. It is akin to a real life Pinterest board. The exposed beams and high ceilings represent the building's former life as a boat building workshop. The Nashville sign above the stove marks the family history and the space is perfect for creating memories in the future. 

white cabinetry seashore kitchen

2.  The Rockaway Revival

This home stands in the place of the former Rockaway Hotel. It just out off Rocky Neck with sweeping views of the Harbor and Boston beyond. The colors of the kitchen are reminiscent of the rock ledge and sandy beaches nearby. It's easy to become one with the seashore in a place like this. 

blue tile backsplash white cabinetry

3. Kitchen of Perfection

I love so much about this home and the way the kitchen came together. Growing up in an older home I have an unreasonable attachment to crooked floors and ceilings. I think my favorite part about this kitchen though is the backsplash. The tile is so unique and I love the varying shades blue. 

green kitchen cabinetry color checkered floor

4. Bringing Color Back

This kitchen was so unexpected. The colors in this home are bright, cheerful and classy. So often we see white kitchens, and for good reason, they look amazing. However this family chose to take a different route. The homeowners admitted to being a bit nervous about the green cabinetry when placing the order. However, they have loved it ever since and wouldn't have it any other way. Neither would I.

serving bar floating shelves glasses

5. What We Can Change

When faced with moving out of a tight night community, these homeowners decided to see their home from a whole new light. Starting over doesn't mean you have to move, it just means looking at what you already have in a new light and making it work. I love this serving bar for it's simplicity. A simple base cabinet and some floating shelves transform this into a bar area, freeing up space in the kitchen and helping guests feel more welcome. It's the little things after all. 

Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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