April 04, 2024 2 min read

A Journey of Design and Decision-Making

Building a new home is a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and countless decisions. For many, it's a chance to bring their dream home to life. Meticulously planning every detail to create a space that reflects their personality and style. One couple embarked on this adventure with a clear vision in mind – they wanted their home to exude the charm and warmth of farmhouse style.

Shiloh Farmhouse Style Kitchen

As they began the process, these new home builders found themselves faced with an avalanche of choices. From the layout of the rooms to the intricate details of the decor. To help sort through the overwhelming choices, we put together a few different layouts and perspectives. We wanted to give them the feel for the space so they could make the best choices for their new home.


The couple knew that certain elements were non-negotiables in their farmhouse oasis. A dedicated bar area was a must-have. They also wanted the classic feel of a black and white kitchen. There's a timeless elegance to this color scheme that captures the farmhouse aesthetic. From crisp white cabinets to sleek black hardware, every choice was made with careful consideration to maintain that classic feel.

Shiloh Farmhouse Style Kitchen

One feature they were particularly drawn to was the idea of a big island. Reminiscent of rustic farmhouse kitchens, the island would anchor the space and serve as a gathering point for family and friends. Incorporating X end caps added visual interest and enhanced the farmhouse vibe they were aiming for. It was these small details that truly brought their vision to life.


As the construction progressed and their vision started to materialize, the homeowners couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. Each decision, no matter how small, was a step closer to creating their dream home. They were creating a space that not only reflected their style but would be a place for the stories of their life to unfold. A place to make connections and memories. A place to call home. 

Shiloh Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Shiloh Semi-Custom Cabinetry- Beaded Inset
Door Style: Square Flat Panel
Finish: Painted Arctic
Species: Maple with MDF

Floating Shelves: Natural Stained Walnut

Work done by C. A. Nunes Construction

Shiloh Farmhouse Style Kitchen

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