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Finding the perfect balance between a traditional feel and modern functionality is often a delightful challenge. Recently, a family embarked on a journey to transform their home into a space of timeless charm that also meets the needs of their everyday lives. To get the space we needed Boyd Builders put an addition on their home to expand the kitchen and include a family sitting room, complete with a fireplace.

Traditional kitchen, Shiloh Maple Painted Beige Cabinetry

On a mission for a classic ambiance, they wanted to incorporate some warm wood features. By choosing wood floors across the space, we were able to keep a unified feel while creating 3 separate spaces.  Wood floors can infuse warmth and character into any space, providing a timeless backdrop for various decor styles. The wood dining room table added additional warmth.

To complement the rich wood floors, we decided on a neutral painted finish for their cabinetry. These Maple Painted Beige cabinets by Shiloh were the perfect fit. The neutral tones provide a canvas for other design elements to shine while still offering a touch of sophistication and understated elegance.

Curved edge on quartz countertop overhang

In a busy household, having an area for work and study is crucial. We wanted to create a space where the kids could comfortably tackle homework assignments or indulge in creative endeavors. The island seating was the perfect solution. In the pursuit of creating a welcoming and inviting home, they made a thoughtful decision to incorporate a curved edge on the overhang. This small detail adds a touch of softness to the space, contrasting with the straight lines commonly found in kitchens.

Another important feature was the appliance garage. While a small piece of the overall design, the homeowner wanted a space to hide the coffee maker away but still have ready access to. The appliance garage was a simple answer to keep the counters clear and coffee stain free.

Fireplace with mantle and flowers

The transformation of this family's home epitomizes the art of blending traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. By embracing the warmth of wood floors, the elegance of neutral cabinetry, the practicality of a designated study area, and the softness of curved edges, they have created a space that not only reflects their personal style but also caters to their everyday needs.

Work done by Boyd Builders

Shiloh Semi-Custom Cabinetry- 1 ¼” Full Overlay
Door Style: Square Flat Panel
Finish: Maple Painted Beige

Hardware by Top Knobs

Countertops by Gerrity Stone

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