October 19, 2017 2 min read

The front door to your home serves many purposes. The primary entry to your home, it’s also the face of your home and the first impression your guests and passerby will receive. What do you want your entryway to say to people? Do you want them to feel as though they are invited in? Or should it lead them to another room to make where you’ll make your greetings? The way you bring people into your homes can say a lot. Be intentional.

The first piece of your entry way is the front door. Your door can provide security, ventilation and style to your home. There are, like most aspects of your home, a lot of choices available.

Your first choice is material. From there you can choose panels, sidelites and hardware. Lites on the side of your door or above (transom) can make a huge difference on the inside of your home. Letting in the light and helping your home feel spacious. 

Once you step inside the home, there are more choices. Depending on the way your home is set up, you can have a mudroom with benches, a table, a coat rack, or maybe nothing. There is no wrong way to set up your entryway, it’s up to you. Mudrooms can be beneficial in the winter months when mud and slush are prominent problems. If you are lacking space in your entry, some hooks to hang your coat, a table for you keys or a bench to take your boots off can often be just as inviting.

The front of your home can also add to your curb appeal. This can often help if you're thinking of putting your home on the market, or maybe you just want your home to look nice.

An entry can help your home stay insulated from the cold, or the heat. The front door often receives a lot of operation, and you can lose a lot of heat out of the front door. Making sure that you have a storm door or a well fitting door can mean a better insulated home. Which means lower utilities bills and a warmer home when the cold sets in. A screen door can also help keep your home well ventilated by letting in the summer wind.


Choosing a front door can be overwhelming. If you are looking for a new door to your home, come down to our show room or visit our website to see some examples and explore some of your options. The benefit of there being so many choices is that there is something for every style.

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