October 06, 2021 2 min read

After 6 months of pandemic and the city, this family knew it was time for a change. They wanted to create their first home. It wasn’t the greatest time to buy, and there were so many unknowns in the world. But they had a dream, and so they went for it. Sometimes you just have to take the leap.  

Medallion, Black Base Cabinetry White Wall Cabinetry

The Beverly home they found was perfect in so many ways, but the kitchen needed an upgrade. So in addition to buying their first home, they embarked on their first major renovation. Fortunately, they had Boyd Buildersand us to guide them through the process. They knew what they wanted, but it was a bit outside of a traditional design. They wanted black base cabinets, with white cabinetry on the walls. It was another leap. 

Black cabinetry is currently trending but can still feel like a huge risk. It goes against much of what a lot of people believe about designing their kitchens. In a world of white kitchens, black cabinetry can be a risk, but a worthy one. Here they chose to balance the black base with white wall cabinets above. There were moments of hesitation and second-guessing. But we talked through them. They brought their inspiration to our design team, and we helped them bring it to life. Translating their inspiration pictures into their new home. 

Medallion, Black Base Cabinetry White Wall Cabinetry

Much of what we do here is about talking to our clients about what they want from their project. Trends come and go, but not all of them are right for your home. While it is important to look around for inspiration, the most important thing about your kitchen is that you are happy with it. Our goal is to make sure that the design you land on is the one that’s best for your family and your home. We find that the designs where the clients know what they want, and what they like, are the ones that come out the best. Like this one. 

Medallion, Black Base Cabinetry White Wall Cabinetry


Medallion Silverline Semi Custom Cabinetry

Door Styles in Lancaster MDF with Slab Drawers

White Icing Classic Paint Uppers

Carriage Black Classic Paint Lowers

All Plywood Box Construction, Soft-Close Doors and Drawers, 5⁄8”

Dovetail Drawer Box, Double Barrel Trash, Pull Out Spice Rack, Base and Top Moldings

Hardware by Top Knobs

Work done by Boyd Builders


Medallion Silverline Black Base Cabinetry White Wall Cabinetry

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