December 07, 2020 2 min read

Usually this time of year, we are planning and baking. We’re going to parties and our counters are covered in cookies. Our counters are still covered in cookies, but now part of it reserved as your new home office.  Holiday balance is, like everything, looking different this year. 


Window bar seating Hunt Kitchen

Balance is an important part of all things. Whether it is making sure you eat a salad for lunch when you have cookies for breakfast, or ensuring that your home functions well for your family of 4 in addition to the 25 guests you love to host.  We might spend most of our time remembering parties of the past or dreaming of future gatherings, but most of our nights consist of small dinners with your family.


Kitchen Seating Area


For many of our clients, when we sit down to talk about what they want and need of their kitchen, hosting is a big part of the conversation. It’s a delicate balance. Creating a space where you can host all of your loved ones is amazing, but most of the time, you’ll be at home with your family. Large hosting layouts are wonderful, but the smaller days are what takes up most of your time, this year especially. It’s not all bad. The smaller days give us an opportunity to relax, to try new recipes, and to spend more time with your family.


Hunt Kitchen Dining Table


Kitchen islands are a great way to bring extra prep space and people into the kitchen. It allows room for people to sit and talk while you work, and can double as a place to sit with your computer. Home office space is at a premium these days, and when you’re working from the kitchen, you’re just that much closer to the coffee machine. 


Inset Cabinetry Shaker Style Shiloh


It is true that you can always fit fewer people in a large space, but there is an element of cozy comfort that is often missing in that equation. Whether it’s a breakfast nook or a comfortable island, it’s important to ensure that your home functions primarily for the people who live there, and second for the guests you love to welcome. This year especially, we are celebrating the smaller days. Taking the opportunity this time has to offer us with our homes and our families. We’ll get back to the parties next year.


Plain & Fancy Walnut Island Cabinetry 

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