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Our homes are important, now more than ever. They provide the backdrop for our lives. They are the safe place we run to. The cozy blanket you wrap yourself in after a long day. It’s just as important for us to take care of our homes as it is for our homes to take care of us.

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Replacing your windows is not usually a straightforward process. Depending on the window opening size, you may need to order a custom window. The first thing to know about replacing your window is whether you want new construction or a replacement window. New construction means that you will have to do some exterior work to your home and involves removing siding, and may require re-framing the opening. However if you are only looking for a replacement insert, you can remove the trim from the interior and leave the exterior unchanged.  This style of window offers the same benefits of a new construction window, with less installation costs.

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With new constructions windows comes a lot of options, and it’s important to educate yourself about them before making your choices. There may be a better window for your space to help maximize light and space. Check out our Window Guide to see what other styles may work for you. We also have a glossary of parts if you have questions about some of the terminology. 

If your windows aren’t closing properly, you may need new hardware (a much less expensive fix). Remember that window performance and energy ratings are for when they are in the fully closed and locked position. That means that even though your windows are closed, if they aren’t locked properly you could still be losing more heat than necessary through them. Every little bit counts in the middle of February and you haven’t seen a double digit temperature in weeks.

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Cracks in your storm windows or tears in your screens can also be problematic. Again, you are not maximizing the insulation or protection of your windows in these circumstances. Find out what brand of window you have and measure its size. These can usually be easily replaced, unless you have a custom window, but even if you do, there are solutions.

When you see condensation on the inside of the glass in your windows, that means that the insulation seal is broken. What this means is that you are not getting the most out of your window insulation here. Many windows carry warranties that can last 10-20+ against seal failures. If your windows are still covered under warranty you can contact the manufacturer. If you aren’t sure if your windows qualify or what the warranty is, please contact our team.

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Windows are an integral part of your home and it’s important to make sure they don’t allow air and water to leak into your home. Leaking or trapping moisture in your home that can lead to rot and increased energy bills throughout the year. Replace problematic windows or parts now to avoid more expensive damage later. Take care of your home, and your home will take care of you.

If you have any questions about your windows, please feel free to contact us at or 978-281-2421

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