by Monica Banks April 10, 2019

Creating a home always becomes something different once you start. You never end up where you thought you would. And often that’s for the best. A home can often feel like a far away dream, something that couldn’t really exist. Home is ever evolving.

medallion cabinetry kitchen vineyard maple finish

These homeowners never thought they were going to be people that would build a house, but they did it. And now 30 years later, they are re-investing in their home by remodeling their kitchen. It’s a big deal, and an intense process. But in the end, it’s an investment in both the resale value of your home and your happiness. How is that not worth it?  

kitchen overview medallion cabinetry vineyard maple finish island

Home is a space to be cherished, cared for, and used to the fullest extent. It’s the place we raise our children. It’s the place we celebrate accomplishments and mourn our failures. We spend late nights baking cupcakes for the bake sale we forgot about, or studying for a test that we just aren’t sure about.

medallion kitchen cabinetry appliance garage providence door style vineyard maple finish

Building home is a lifelong journey, whether you’re building your first home, or remodeling, you have to be ready to take the steps. It’s important to design the right space for your lives, and if you have the benefit of having raised a family in the house, you know exactly what you’re looking for in a remodel. Remodeling your home can be a powerful experience, and it can bring to life all the dreams you’ve had over the years.

medallion cabinetry kitchen remodel providence door style vineyard maple finish

Kitchen Cabinetry Supplied by Medallion Semi-Custom Cabinetry: Providence Door Style with Raised Center Panel, Sea Salt MDF Finish on Walls and Talls, Vineyard Maple Finish on Base cabinets only. All Plywood Construction, Soft Close Doors and Drawers.

Work done by Bob Puglisi

Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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