by Monica Banks May 17, 2018

Over time, things change. People, lives, and buildings.

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There are many challenges to building in old homes. One of which is the creativity of the builders who put the structure up in the first place. We have all been there. You make the plans, set the budget, and confirm all the details with your client. But when you get in there, nothing is what you thought and the whole project needs to go back to the drawing board. It’s part of the job. What makes a good contractor is how they handle the surprises that come with all projects.

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The new addition to this farm style home in Hamilton had seen its fair share of twists over the years. If you stand with your back against one of the walls you can even see the way the wall warps. It’s not an optical illusion, it’s the way the building has settled over the years.

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This is a common problem in New England and any area that has older buildings. It’s also a great example of creative problem solving.When the lines don’t line up, when “plumb, level, and square” doesn’t apply to your project, it’s important to think outside the box.  

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One of the benefits of being a carpenter is the versatility in the job. When you are remodeling a home or on any project it forces you to get creative with your fixes. Some may see that as a problem, but it’sreally an opportunity to create the best possible life for your home.


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Monica Banks
Monica Banks

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